Visitor Guidelines

  • Owing to prevalent Covid Regulations and Protocol, only 200 people will be allowed into the MBRHC premises and only 50 people allowed inside the Heritage Bungalow at any given point of time.
  • As a consideration towards fellow visitors, all visitors and patrons are requested not to spend beyond a maximum of four hours in the premises.
  • The entire premises of the MBRHC is strictly pedestrian and closed to any vehicular traffic.
  • The Entry Tickets have to be retained by the visitors during the entire course of their visit. The Entry is only through the security cabin at the Main Gate.
  • Exit is allowed from both the gates. At the time of Exit the Tickets shall be punched by the security personnel.
  • There is a free Electric Cart ferry service for the elderly and the differently abled.
  • No one is allowed to walk on The Heritage Alpana painted on the surface of the GMC Water Tank.
  • The entire premises of the MBRHC is covered with CCTV cameras and security personnel to prevent any mishap. For any assistance the visitors are requested to approach the trained staff and security personnel for their directions.
  • The MBRHC premises is equipped will all public amenities and conveniences, including a Drinking Water dispenser and Toilets for Men, Women and Differently abled.
  • No outside food, beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, paan, gutka, chewing gums and tobacco will be allowed on any person entering the premises of MBRHC. If any of the above mentioned is found on anyone it will be confiscated immediately. And if any person is found consuming any of the above mentioned, it will attract an instant fine of Rs.3,000 (Rupees Three Thousand).
  • No Food and Beverages, even from The Verandah café, are allowed inside the Heritage Bungalow.
  • Plucking of flowers or plants, littering, or any damage whatsoever of the property is strictly prohibited, and disobedience will attract an instant fine of Rs.3,000 (Rupees Three Thousand).
  • Anyone caught stealing from the premises or creating disturbance in the premises will be apprehended and handed over to the Police.