Preserving Heritage
through Photographs

Display Set-III

Bhutia traders in a playful mood at the Darrang Fair, c. 1950s.

Inauguration Ceremony of Assam Medical College in Dibrugarh, 1948

Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore visits Guwahati, 1919

Portrait of renowned music teacher and trumpet player, Dennis Banks. He was the founder and lead performer for the band ‘Gnats’. He was assisted by his younger sister Mala, who played the drums

Mahatma Gandhi ceremonially opening the doors of the ‘GosainGhar’ (Private Temple) of Krishna nath Sarma’s family for the Harijans, 1934

Bihu dance troupe, c. 1950s.The male performer is playing the wind instrument ‘Pepa’, made from buffalo horn and bamboo.

Koni-Juj (Egg tapping/ Egg fight) during Bohag Bihu, Sivasagar, c. 1950s.

Jnanadabhiram Borooah and Radha Govinda Baruah during the flag-hoisting ceremony at Latasil Bihutoli in 1952.

Vinatge Assam

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